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Click here if you want to make only the application form yourself.

 This service is the
one-stop online visa application service by an experienced Immigration Lawyer.

Do you have trouble with the VISA application process?

Don't you want an environment where you can easily receive a response anytime because of the importance of your application?

This service is a reflects such voices!


Status of residence online application service by registered administrative scrivener

49,800 yen (tax included) / 1 application

For companies, there is also a monthly advisory contract.

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The seven major merit of this service

1Immigration Lawyer will take care of your visa application.

2 About 18 years of experience. So far, we have helped more than 10,000 people (company) obtain visas.

 Our self-developed VASS (Visa Application Support System) frees you from complicated paperwork.

4 By adopting GCP (Google Inc.) servers, important personal information is handled safely.

5 VASS (Visa Application Support System) allows you to access your personal information (past application information, etc.) at any time. Easy to apply for next time.

6 It is a one-stop service from consulting to application completely online. It is also possible to apply without face-to-face contact.

7 We have a tie-up with a recruiting company, so you can consult with us on a one-stop basis, from job introductions to visa applications.

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Application for Certificate of Eligibilit
Application for Change of status of residence
Application for Extension of period of status

All of the above procedures are

49,800 yen(tax included)

You can determine the possibility of obtaining your visa and obtain other information on LINE. 
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Q.What can I request?
A. There is no limit to the types of visas that we can consult with you about. We provide consulting services for all visas.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. The fee for all applications for Certificate of Eligibility, Change of Status of Residence, and Extension of Status of Residence is a flat fee of 49,800 yen. No additional fees are required.

Q. What are the steps to follow?
A. Request a meeting by entering your meeting date in the 'Book Now' section of this page, or email us with your preferred date.
An Immigration Lawyer will get back to you.


白抜き 広_edited.png
Immigration Lawyer & Maritime Lawyer
Hiroshi Mori
10 years of experience
​At Tokyo,Shibuya
新津さん 白抜き.png
Immigration Lawyer & Maritime Lawyer
Kyohei Niitsu
18 years of experience
​At Tokyo,Shibuya

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